Here’s What To Do With Your Old Family Photos

Old family photos

COVID-19 has led many people to embrace a slower pace of life, and mull over what things were like in the past. If you’ve found yourself rummaging the basement for old photos, then you should definitely think about making sure that you and your loved ones can celebrate these heirlooms for years to come.

More time at home means that we finally have the opportunity to allocate some time to digitise hundreds of old photos. Beware – it’s not a quick task. However, we’ve pulled together some tips and tricks that will help you digitise your photos in no time.


Digitise your old family photos

Digitising old photos is vital to ensure that they won’t get damaged and lost forever. Start your digitising project by purchasing an at-home scanner.

If you’re not yet ready to invest in an at-home photo scanner, you might want to consider using your phone as your portable, makeshift scanner. Download the GoogleScan app (available through Google Play and the Apple App store) and get ready to create the perfect digital replica of long, lost memories. The app is pretty straightforward to use, and it automatically enhances and rotates photos. Then, use the Colourise-Colour app to add a touch of colour to your Black and White scans.

If you don’t have time to scan and re-colourise hundreds of photos, take your photos to the Snap and Print HQ. Our experts can scan and print your photos in no time, and provide you with a digital copy.


old photos

Share these digital replicas

Social distancing has left a lot of people craving for that special human connection. Bring a smile to your relatives’ faces by sharing the digitised photos with them during your weekly Facetime calls. It will bring about a sense of nostalgia and tonnes of good, old family stories. There are plenty of photo-sharing apps that you can use to share your scans with the rest of the family. Google Photos is one straightforward option. WeTransfer is ideal if you’re sharing huge files. Other apps such as tinybeans and 23snaps differentiate themselves by emphasising users’ privacy, making them the perfect platform for private sharing.


Give your old photos a new lease on life

There are myriads of ways how you can use your digitised photos. Calendars, photo books and greeting cards make excellent gifts and add a personalised touch that the giftee will genuinely appreciate. Alternatively, you can turn your photos into canvas wraps, block frames or photo panels to honour your ancestors and add a vintage flair to your apartment. Collages are also a great idea if you’re looking for something a little bit more artistic. Head to the Snap and Print Website to turn your photo collage into a tangible piece of art that draws inspiration from the past.



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